The Misalli are a powerful warrior race who long ago used genetic manipulation to enhance themselves. The use of genetic enhancement was largely looked down upon by the Hereclisian government and so the Misalli tribes had sanctions placed against them, soon they were being treated like second class citizens whenever they came into contact with normal civilization. However as a largely insular race the Misalli didn't much care what outsiders thought of them.

As their sanctions had gone largely ignored the Hereclisian government decided to up the ante and impose geographic sanctions on the Misalli tribes. These geographic sanctions meant that it was illegal for Misalli tribesmen to be outside of certain zones. Again this sanction went largely ignored by the Misalli until a small group of tribesmen were killed by a group of extremely overzealous law enforcement officers. When the tribe complained to the authorities they were told that the officers involved had adhered to the law and would not face repercussions. Infuriated by this injustice the tribe launched an assault to take vengeance for their killed tribesmen. Their attack sparked an attack of retribution by the law enforcement department. In the attack an entire village filled with women and children was killed after the men left to attend a clansmeet. The attack was the spark that was required to unify the Misalli Tribes in a common purpose to wage war on the Hereclisian government.

Under the command of General Harkin Praetorias the Misalli tribes marched on the rest of the planet. As the only warrior society on the planet their march was opposed mostly by soldiers who only had a few years combat experience as opposed to the life long training every Misalli warrior received. The government soldiers were no match. Eventually after a year long campaign in which the Misalli lost not a single battle, they finally approached the planetary capital. Seeing only imminent defeat the planetary government asked for terms. In return they were told that only if they singed a treaty making it illegal to victimize or be prejudiced against Misalli would they accept their surrender. A greatly surprised planetary government agreed and to in a move that shocked the world, as soon as the treaty was signed the Misalli armies marched away leaving the capital unharmed.