The Samugen Symbol


The Samugen are a race of genetically engineered superhuman soldiers. Created by the venerable genticist Professor Alacractous Samugen on the future human colony of Pantheos, a splinter civilisation of The Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire. Dr Samugen altered genetic samples taken from those with some of the greatest minds and bodies in the civilsation.

They are kept imprisoned in the lower levels of the super city by their creators. They are only brought out in order to fight against the Maagel invaders who have besieged the planet.

The Maagel are a hive mind species who after the murder of one of their trade convoys at the hands of a group of human pirates from the colony. The brutality of the pirates behaviour was so obscene and horrific that it spread through the hive mind of the Maagel. It created a unifying thought amongst the Maagel, 'Destroy Pantheos!'.

They are taught that they work in service to the people, fighting to protect the people from the enemies they could never defeat. In return they are told that after a period of 10 years service in the Samugen Commandos they will be given a place to retire from the front lines in the highest level of the citadel.


The Samugen concept was inspired by the ancient Ubersoldaten of Earth.


P.P.R. Mark V

The P.P.R. Mark V or Plasma Pulse Rifle Mark 5, is a weapon that uses energy pulses to create a highly ionized cloud of plasma.

Sonic Knife

Sonic knife are primitive sonic enhanced blades with basic sensory probes built into the hilts. The sonic knives are the standard melee weapon and tool of The Samugen.

Known Samugen Commandos


Jax, full name Jackin Samugen, is the doctor and defacto leader of the Samugen Commandos. Jax is a survivor of the Fall of Corinthar, the only moon of Pantheos.

Jax was first encountered by The Doctor and Amy Pond during the Maagel first landfall on Pantheos. They had initially come to see a  once in a lifetime meteor event that would cause diamond snow over  the capital of Pantheos.

However outside interference by an unknown group caused a shift in the timeline causing Pantheos to be under siege by a hive mind species known as the Maagel.


Isa, full name Isabeau Samugen, is the sniper and scout of the Samugen Commandos. Isa

Jax and Isa