Nation Of The Storm Peaks

Storm Peaks Nation Flag
The Nation of the Storm Peaks is a land set in a range of storm swept mountains.

Geography Of The Storm Peaks

The Four Great Peaks

The Four Great Peaks are the four largest peaks in the Storm Peaks mountain range. Each one is set at the four cardinal and holds a capital of each direction. Atop each of these peaks sits one of the four capitals of the nation. To the north is Zeusar, known as The City Sitting On The Clouds.

The Lost Peak

This Lost Peak, also known as the Peak Of The Lost, is an eternally mist shrouded peak that is incredibly hard to find and explore. Very little is known of the, however it is discovered by Dante that atop the peak lives Danzurai the world's greatest Master Smith.

It is said that the great Zeutian Cross from above Zeusar the northern captial of the Storm Peaks Nation should be taken there. When it is taken to it's top then the cross would remain there to and the capital would have 100 years of peace and prosperity. Many have tried to take the cross to the lost peak, but all have failed and the cross reappeared above Zeusar.

Dante discovered that those who brought the cross before him had all failed and died. Then upon discovering the cross upon his home Danzurai had returned it. Saying the Zeutian Cross had not "matured enough" to be of use as a construction material. However after being exposed to Dante's Thunder Sorcery it partially "matured" and Danzurai realized the proper method to process the metal and its fated purpose.

Under the tutelage of Danzurai, Dante used his Thunder Sorcery to forge a the cross into it's fated form to become The Dark Lightning blade, Gāi Àn Léi.


Culture Of The Storm Peaks

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