Tamin Rangers Crest

Tamin Rangers Crest

The Tamin Rangers are the elite special forces group of the Tamin Army. They're trained to operate in small groups or alone guarding the intercity convoys and hunting Harg within ten miles of the city wall. They are the only members of the military authorized to operate outside the Tamin city wall and are only ever accompanied when they are escorting the merchants of the intercity convoys.

The Tamin Rangers are trained to be the best soldiers at the city's disposal. Forged into experts of escape and evasion, tracking and much more. They're missions usually involve operating extreme high risk situations and it is rare for them to not be in danger of death and dismemberment.

The Tamin Rangers are famous outside of Tamin as well as with the citizens of their own city. On the rare occasions they have stepped in to assist with assaults on other cities they have always shown themselves to be an exceptional fighting force.

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