Elemental Sorcery
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Fire Sorcery
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Thunder Sorcery

Dante is a master of all forms of Thunder Sorcery. As it is the element that he is most attuned to he is most capable with lightning. Thunder has power over water and is weak to earth.

Lightning Aura Armour

Dante's signature technique is his Lightning Aura Armour, this is a form cast upon himself that creates a shroud of powerful electrically charged mana around his body.

This shroud allows him to accelerate his body, mind and reflexes to far surpass human levels, whilst also being able to deal electrical damage. When using the technique he is able to move and react faster than the eye can follow or the mind can comprehend, even master martial artists and mages would be lucky to be able to catch a glimpse of him.

However the technique has drawbacks to it's uses:

  1. It prevents the use of all other styles of Elemental Sorcery.
  2. It prevents the use of weapons with the exception of Gāi Àn Léi.
  3. It does not strengthen his body directly so injuries taken whilst shrouded can still be severe.

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