Tyr Barack

Tyr Barack

Bio Profile
Full Name Tyr Nashoba Barack
Code Name Dark Wolf
  • The Ragnarok Saint
  • Spot
Gender Male
Age 24
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Date of Birth 12th June
Status Active
Species Werewolf
Danger Level Class A
Blood Type Lupus O Negative
Affiliation Profile

DCD Squad 2


Rika Sundén

Skill Profile
Role Scout
Weapons Proficiency
Magic Proficiency Werewolf Magics
Fighting Styles Dark Stalker Combat


Tyr is a former soldier who was conscripted into the army at the beginning of the First Demon War. When the government forced his family into a labour camp, he was given the choice to join them working in the mines or become a soldier and earn their freedom. Naturally he chose to become a solider and was quickly posted to the front lines. After serving for a year on the front lines, Tyr was seconded to The Dark Stalkers division.

Tyr was there during the final battle of the Demon War, known as The Aborted Ragnarok. This was the largest battle of the war when both sides attempted to use Progenitor Weapons. These high magic-tech weapons called forth two of the ancient progenitors of the demon races into the living world. These Progenitors were giant superemely powerful beasts that lived in the ancient past. In the Progenitor Weapons they were channeled through two mediums whose bodies acted as the cores of the astral bodies of the progenators. Once the weapons were deployed the two progenitors began fighting each other to the death. Without the insulation of the ancient demon world's atmosphere to dampen their power their attacks tearing apart reality around them as they fought.

Tyr was part of the Dark Stalker team sent to support the deployment of the Progenitor Weapon. However after seeing the swathe of destruction around them with soldiers on both sides mutating, dying and coming back to life to go through it all again the team realised they had to stop it.

The two progenitors were tearing each other apart and leaving great wounds in each other's astral bodies. This gave the Dark Stalkers the only possible opening to destroy the beasts. The team launched their attack on the first progenitor and lost half their team as they held open the beast's wounds to allow Tyr to attack the medium inside. As the first progenator was in its death throes the second progenitor attacked to finish it and allowed the remainder of the team to open its wounds and allow Tyr to strike the second ending blow.

Tyr was trapped inside the second progenitor as it died which shielded him from the outward blast caused by its death. Tyr awoke two days after its death in the middle of the battlefield somehow still alive. He walked alone through the battlefield of torn reality dragging any survivors he could find out to safety. He was only seen at a distance by a few as he was walking in and out of the battlefield's reality warping effects seemingly shielded from them. This sprung into the myth of the Ragnarok Saint.

Tyr returned to his division's headquarters and was ordered to keep silent about what he had seen. Tyr did as he was supressing the horrors that he'd seen and doing his job observing behind enemy lines. However a truce arose after The Aborted Ragnarok and there were no more battles. After 6 months peace was finally declared and Tyr's unit stealthily retreated back to their home country.


After returning from the war Tyr is mentally scarred man having fought on the front lines then behind enemy lines for several years. He believes deeply in protecting those who can't protect themselves and will risk his life for them whether he knows them or not.


Werewolf Combat Skills

As a child Tyr was taught to hunt in the old ways, teaching him to make full use of his speed, strength and agility in both human and werewolf forms.


In both his human and werewolf forms Tyr has superhumanly acute senses. His childhood learning to hunt gave him an ability to track almost any target to the ends of the earth.

Transformation Combat

Semi Transformation Combat

Dark Stalker Skills

The Dark Stalkers were a special forces unit that acted behind enemy lines striking high value enemy targets. They fought fast and hard, breaking through enemy defenses, hitting their targets and getting out before the enemy had time to realise what was going on.

Small Arms Marksman

Due to his extensive experience on the front lines in the First Demon War and his training once he joined the Dark Stalkers, Tyr is a top class small arms marksman.

Close Combat Expert

Explosives Proficient

Demon Type Identification


Purifier Magnum

Purifier Magnum

Tyr's purifier magnums are the only firearms he carries when on duty. The Purifier Magnum is a large triple barrel handgun that fires a large slug of transmutation metal. When struck by the firing hammer this metal is able to take on magical properties. It's short barrel and lightweight body makes the recoil very difficult to handle and causes accuracy to be an issue in the hands of anyone but the top marksmen. The only person in the DCD who uses a magnum as their primary weapon is Tyr Barack. He is able to use the wepaon as accurately as any rifle, due to his special forces training in The Dark Stalkers. Tyr carries two purifier magnums, one as his primary weapon and the other as a back up weapon in case the first is lost or damaged in combat.

Armoured Suit

Tyr wears his old military regiment's armoured long black leather jacket. Under which he wears a black suit and tie which he has had modified to fit light tactical armour into the fabric.


Superhuman Agility

Superhuman Senses

Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Speed


Full Transformation

Tyr Barack Werewolf

When Tyr transforms fully into a werewolf he takes on the form of a huge bipedal jet black wolf. In full werewolf form his danger level is considered to be Class A, so its not a common occurrence for him to make use of this form.

In his full form Tyr is one of the most dangerous demons in the city; with the ability to move faster and strike harder than almost any other demon out there. Tyr's claw and fangs can tear through even through magical armours or naturally tough scales and hides like those of Trolls and Ogres.

Half Transformation

The half transformation technique is a form that allows Tyr to make limbs transform into their wolf form without having to transform his whole body. This is normally used for hands and legs to assist in hand to hand combat.

Predator Instinct

Tyr possesses predatory instincts, allowing him to be a master of hunting and tracking. This ability allows him to discern numerous factors of a situation that make him a master of pursuit and capture. This includes what move a foe will make, where they are headed when he pursues them, as well as how to effectively cause a foe to play right into his hands in combat or pursuit

Regenerative Healing


Aura is the subconsious magical ability of higher class demons to intimidate their prey with their mere force of will and prescence. It makes use of the natural magical properties of demon species to project their force of will and presence in the area around them. The technique is extremely difficult to cdirect and normally just effects the area around the user.


  • Tyr was named after the the norse god of war and justice Tyr, who was the son of the god Odin. Tyr carried a spear in his left hand, since his right hand was bitten off by the wolf Fenrir.
  • Nashoba means "wolf" in Choctaw Indian.
  • Barack means "blessing" in arabic.