Xiaoton (霄遁, Heaven Release) is a Kekkei Tōta composed of Wind Release, Lightning Release, and Yang Release. The Xiaoton accelerates the body and mind of the user to the point that they bend space-time around them.

This allows the user to move and act normally which the entire world slows down around them. The more chakra the user pours into the technique, the greater their speed is enhanced to the point that the entire world will stop whilst they move normally.

Known as the speed of heaven to the user of the Xiaoton makes a three fold nature release. Surrounding their body with Lightning Release then concentrating the effect by insulating it with Wind Release charkra and amplifying the effects of both by addiing in Yang Release. The acceleration capable by using these three in combination essentially moves the Xiaoton into a different time stream from the rest of the world. This allows for enhanced movement speed and reflexes beyond anything else in the world.

The user is able to move at instantaneous speeds, rapidly striking his opponents at various angles while avoiding any opposition regardless of the opponent's speed or strength. Before the Xiaoton even powers such as the Sharingan are rendered useless, as even if they can see the Xiaoton user they cannot react fast enough to counter any move they make.

Xiaoton Eye

Mortal Sage Xiaoton Eye

However in order to be able to make full use of the abilties the user must draw upon nature energy entering a state similar to sage mode. Without the guidence of animal sages this has caused an extremely high rate of attrition through the generations to the point that it was forbidden to attempt to use nature energy. As the power changes the way they see the world the users eyes also change when they first use it. The Hidden Heaven Village forehead protectors are modeled after the eyes of the Mortal Sage using Xiaoton.


Molecular Oscillation

Vibration Cuttuer


Invisible Speed

Accelerated Perception

Time Acceleration

Time Clones