Zach Mason

Zach Mason

Bio Profile
Full Name Zach Mason
Titles Archangel 1
Gender Male
Age 22
Date of Birth 23rd March
Status Active
Ethnicity Orican
Blood Type O Rh D Negative
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Weight 224 lbs
Family None
Affiliation Rebels
Rank Hero
Loyalty Strong
Power Profile
Power Name Ouranokinesis
Power Type Spatial Manipulation
  • Teleporation
  • Subspace Travel
  • Spatial Inversion
  • Location Swapping
  • Dimensional Storage


Zach was an average student worker, who is training to become the manager of the cold fusion plant where he's worked since he was a child. Zach becomes bound on a genetic level to the weapon created by the rebels to fight Technore Prime, when he gets tangled up with the rebels escaping with the weapon after they were ambushed by the Technore Prime's drones.

To prevent it falling into the wrong hands the rebel carrying the weapon tried to bind with it, but found he couldn't. Whilst taking cover from the Technore Prime's drones that were firing on the rebels, Zach accidentally touched the weapon and bound with it.


As an Orican, Zach has the white hair and blue eyes of his people.


Zach is a quietly ambitious young man who hopes to rise to a job of good standing where he can live a life of luxury.


Zach spent most of his life focusing on getting promoted on the plant, so eventually he could relax and enjoy a life of luxury that came with the position of plant manager. As such Zach had few close friends.


Spatiokinetic Combat

This is Zach's skill at utilizing space manipulation with physical combat, it allows him to warp or teleport his attacks using portals and shift the battlefield to his advantage. Zach learned that a combination of moving his attacks, himself and his targets make

Mechanical Engineering

This is Zach's skill gained from years working in the cold fusion plant that allows him to understand the working of most mechanical objects at a glance.


Zach has the power of spatial manipulation, which gives him the power to warp, bend, flip, crush, control and otherwise manipulate all physical aspects of space within an certain area around him. He is also is able to trap subjects or objects in space and push that space, throwing subject and object away from him. He can even create wormholes and other strange events by warping spatial areas and twisting them around.

Spatial Sense

This is Zach's power to sense everything around him, providing him with constant up to date knowledge of what is around him.


This is Zach ability to transport himself into any open space within a one mile range of his powers.

Subspace Travel

Subspace Travel is Zach's long range transportation ability. It allows him to instantaneously travel extreme distances between previously fixed points. Once he fixes a point he is able to transport himself to any other point he has previously fixed provided that certain conditions are met.

  1. A fixed point can only be created on a completely solid object measuring 1/2 foot square.
  2. There must not be an object blocking the fixed point e.g. a large box or other solid object placed over a fixed point would prevent travel to that point.
  3. The fixed point must not have moved e.g. if the point is fixed to a piece of ground and that piece of ground is distorted in some way, it will not longer be a viable transport point.
  4. There must not be a living human in the space around the fixed point.

Spatial Manipulation

This is Zach ability to

Spatial Crush

This is Zach ability to

Spatial Inversion

This is Zach ability to

Location Swapping

This is Zach ability to

Dimensional Storage

This is Zach's power to create what he calls a "pocket dimension", in which he can store items for later use.



Zach Mason (With Sword)
Due to the nature of his power Zach is more comfortable fighting with a melee weapon rather than a ranged one. This is due to the decreased need to control large areas at a time.

In combination with his powers Zach is able to manipulate the length of the blade making it shorter when necessary with outscarificing it's strength. This allows him to make use of the huge blade without being emcumbered by it even in a confined space.



Zach has been working in the cold fusion plant since the age of six, where he has been learning its inner working and trying to rise to the position of plant manager.

The Archangels

Archangel Logo

Zach became the first member of the team known as the Archangels where he took up the role the rebels had planned for their original power user. He was quickly groomed to be the superhero they needed in order to gather the other hero weapons and create people capable of fighting the Technore Prime.

Archangel 1

Zach Mason posessing the power of Ouranokinesis.

Archangel 2

Archangel 2 posessing the power of Invisibility.

Archangel 3

Archangel 3 posessing the power of Enhanced Speed.

Archangel 4

Archangel 4 posessing the power of Telepathy.

Archangel 5

Archangel 5 posessing the power of Digestive Assimilation.


  • The title of Archangels are from the ancient myth of the guardian Archangels who watched over the people long ago.